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A 100+ years, and there’s only one thing I’ve ever been sure of: you.

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Crime Scenes blended into the actual NY Streets by Mark Hermann

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"fight like a girl" is meant to imply weakness, but some girls don’t play nice.

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"What’ve you got a flower crown on for?"

"Don’t worry ‘bout that…"

Xephos : thearkofaeons

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#Canadian winter


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“1: all fungi are edible.
2: some fungi are only edible once”
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Anonymous asked: I recently learned of the term "sapphobia" describing biphobia directed at individuals perceived as female. Is there a similar term for male-directed biphobia? I'm actually non-binary, but I'm generally perceived as male, and I feel like people perceived as male face an entirely different type of biphobia from people perceived as female. For example, before I transitioned I was never told that I was "just gay with a foot still in the closet" or anything like that.


alright, so here’s how i understand this working. sapphobia = biphobia + misogyny with respect to bi women and feminine-presenting nonbinary people. since misandry as a widespread social phenomenon doesn’t exist, there is no equivalent for word for men. however that does not mean bi men and male-perceived nonbinary people don’t face unique oppression because of their gender. it simply means that generally their issues are also products of misogyny.

this happens in straight up issues of gender as well. for example, the draft in the u.s. (although the draft as an example is a bit complicated because it’s based on gender assigned at birth and not on perceived gender). we don’t make amab people sign up for the draft because we as a society don’t respect guys and want them all to go off to war and get shot or whatever. we make people sign up for the draft because we’re a militarist country; we don’t make afab people sign up for the draft because we perceive them as being weaker than men. so the fact that amab people are required to sign up for the draft and afab people aren’t isn’t a case of misandry; it’s misogyny that in this case actually ends up negatively impacting amab people.

the same goes for intersectional issues, like how gender intersects with bisexuality. the fact that bi women and feminine-presenting nonbinary people are seen as being “really straight” and bi men and masculine-presenting people are seen as being “really gay” both come from the same source: society’s belief in the general superiority of men, so if you’re capable of attraction towards men, why the hell would you bother with women? it’s not precisely sapphobia, because sapphobia refers to the intersection of misogyny and biphobia with regards to women, but it’s coming from the same place overall. yeah, misogyny hits women the hardest, but it doesn’t exactly leave men unaffected.

so in short, there’s no real word for biphobia directed specifically at men and masculine-presenting people, any more than there’s a word for homophobia that is specifically for gay men / masculine presenting nonbinary people or any other intersection of being a man or masculine-presenting nonbinary person and another plane of oppression.

i hope i explained this well. i am not in any way belittling the experiences of bi men and masculine-presenting nonbinary people, who i recognize face a lot of the same problems that bi women and feminine-presenting nonbinary people do, as well as in a lot of cases decreased visibility and stuff. just explaining why there is no masculine version of sapphobia.